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Health And Healing


Holistic Health Practitioners

Jeanne In A Bottle Inc.   (Member Since 03/2018)


The Wellness Network (Member Since 04/2018)


Retro Co.

Brodie Geddes Global  (Member Since 04/2018)

Essential Oils

Jeanne In A Bottle Inc.

Barefut 100% Essential Oils


Jeanne In A Bottle Productions – Belly Dance Classes

Get Fit Jasper

Vibe Fitness Boutique  (Member Since 04/2018)

Vibe Tribe

Life Coaching

Embracing Your Soul – Inspirational  & Motivational Life Transformation Coaching (Member Since 10/02/2018)

Embracing Your Soul Community


The Healthy Eaters Club



Isagenix International

Pruvit’s Keto Products

CBD Hemp For Better Life

Music Therapy

Wholetones – Healing Sound Therapy

Other Natural Products

Nspire/Cherish Products

Nspire Personal Care Products

Water By Cindy (Kangen Water)

Keep Your Balance (Voxx Life)

Other Subjects

Pickens Paranormal

Fair Price Labs

Help To Heal The Spirit By Volunteering Or Donating To A Local Charity

The Joy House

Angels On Horseback

Alzheimer’s Association