Know Your Water



The right water makes your Bones stronger, Boosts your Immune System,
and slows down the Aging process. Men and Women…want that right?

Most Tap or Bottled water sloshes around in your belly and makes you feel
bloated. That’s because it doesn’t soak into your cells right away so it can’t
Hydrate you.

The Kangen Water® System produces delicious Alkaline drinking water and is
the best choice for Hydration. It is Ionized, pH balanced, and filled with helpful
minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. Kangen Water® is also
an Antioxidant.

I have seen this water change people’s lives with Chronic Diseases.
The American Anti-Cancer Institute highly recommends Kangan Water.
We do not make any Medical claims, but when you give the body the right
tools, it will heal itself as it was intended.

This System does more than provide the best tasting drinking water:
You can go GREEN and never have to pay for expensive Green Products again.

Change your Water, Change your Life!®

Cindy Geddes – Authorized Independent Distributor
Ball Ground, GA (770) 893-1603

Article By Cindy Geddes

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